kidney stones

In the present circumstances, “Kidney Stones” is one of the most burning issues. Some types of precautions are often made up of stones in many kidneys. These are reused by surgical removal. The kidneys repeatedly are damaged by the kidneys and the risk of kidney failure.

kidney stones
kidney stones

Types of kidney stones:

Calcium Stones: These are most likely to be found among the 20-30-year-old. These include calcium and calcium phosphate and carbonate.
Akjalet Stones: These are among the most noticeable. These acids are high in spinach, beetroot, black-tea, chocolate, wheat flour, nuts, serbatri etc.
Sistine Stones: they are inherited.
Srtuvait Stones: These are the people who made kidney infections.
Uric acid stones, which are mostly found in males. These stones can become more common in gout or chemotherapy.

The reasons:

The changing lifestyle, eating habits and other reasons kidney stones occur. Especially in excessive amounts of acids, calcium, uric acid, Sistine and other substances such as urine, the kidney stones are formed. Kidney infections in some areas, urinary tract barriers, hyper paraethroydidamine, sitting in the same place for long periods, and a reduction in vitamins in the body is one of the factors that can stimulate kidney stones.
Especially in the diet of protein and sodium (salt) in high doses, less doses of less than 1.5 liters (less than 1.5 liters) of water and some other diseases such as hypercalcemia, smallpox operations, renal tabular acididosis, some genetic factors, aspirin, antacids, C for some drugs and calcium supplements like c Dr. stones in kidney are more likely to occur.
Features: Extremely back pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, inflammation, etc. in the urine. The main features of the problem

kidney stones

Some of the kidney stones symptoms are found to have symptoms of lumbago, fever, and urticaria. In others, the rocks are also caused by pain in the waist and the stomach, which gradually breaks into the abdomen and legs. In addition to pain, vomiting, fever, inflammation in the blood, pus, also appear. Some of the muscles are tough, waist, swollen in the middle of the abdomen, the tumor, the symptoms. Sometimes there are no symptoms and there can be no pain in the kidneys. Called the “Silent Stones” is.
Precautions to be taken: the consumption of large quantities of water. 3 liters of water per day, which means taking two. As part of daily diet, 5 grams of salt and protein should not exceed 170-230 grams. Vitamin C and calcium supplements, pills should not be taken away from the doctor’s advice. Make daily calorie intake of 1000-1200 milligram calcium daily. Quit drinking beverages.

Homoerotic International Treatment: In genetics, Genetic Constitutional medical treatment can remove the kidney stones completely. The next treatment, taking into consideration the symptoms and mental and physical properties, will be provided. Some 50% of kidney stones are likely to be repeated after they are removed by surgery.
But with the ‘homeicour international’ treatment to protect the balance of salts in the kidneys and improve the kidney function, these kidney stones treatment can be completely withdrawn from the disease.

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